Tips for Writing a Brilliant Case Study

In some schools, case studies are more often assigned than in others. But, even so, every student is required to write at least one case study in their life. When this task is assigned, you can feel very anxious. After all, a case study requires a huge research and solution-searching approach.

If you are given the task to write a case study paper, all you have to do is follow our tips:

  • Learn about the structure of a case study – Learn what is a case study and how the structure should be organized.
  • Conduct research – Decide on the type of research (quantitative or qualitative) and design the research tools (surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc.).
  • Identify the main problem and start thinking about solutions. Take notes throughout the research process.
  • Analyze the context and causes of the problem – Establish the relations between your aspect and other aspects.
  • Make sure to include all relevant facts. Provide background about the companies, organizations, people who are relevant to the case study.
  • Use visual aids such as diagrams, charts, tables, and photos.
  • Summarize by providing a solution and a summary of the research you performed.
  • Proofread and edit your case study prior to submitting it. Check for plagiarism.

That’s all! If you take your time to do the research and note all key information along the process, this should help you in planning and writing the paper. When doing so, do not forget about the structure or requirements your professor set. To ensure you did everything right, check the paper several times, or ask someone else to check it for you.

Generally, case studies are not very complex to write. In fact, their structure is very similar to that of research papers and essays. However, due to the lengthy process of gathering information for a case study, this is one of the most often ordered papers at

So, you are not the only one and should definitely not feel ashamed of your inability to write this task. Professors are often forgetting of how many tasks a student can have at the same time, and keep increasing the pile every single day.

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