Tips and Tricks: How to Structure an Article Critique

There are several methods for structuring a critique. The one you should use will depend greatly on the requirements your professor hands you. However, aside from the unit materials and specifications, there is a common template for each critique you will write in your life:


  • Name the article that’s being reviewed, the date of publishing, and the name of the author
  • Describe the purpose of this work and the main argument
  • Introduce the context in which the author created the article, as well as the relationship between the article and the author’s life
  • Give a hint of what your evaluation is – a negative, positive or mixed critique


  • Summarize the key point
  • Describe the tools the author used to write the article, i.e. style, characters, media, and symbols
  • Make the summary shorter than the following section

Critical Evaluation

  • Tell who the author is and whether he/she presented the topic subjectively or objectively
  • Were the goals of the article achieved in the process?
  • What techniques were used in the writing of the article? Are they effective?
  • Are there any assumptions in the article? Are they valid?
  • What kind of evidence is used? Is it well interpreted?
  • How is the article structured? Is this structure effective?


  • Write a statement that speaks of your overall evaluation
  • Summarize the key reasons for the writing of the article
  • Recommend improvements if you believe they are appropriate

Reference List

  • Include all sources you used by citing them in the article critique
  • If not provided in the instructions, ask your lecturer for guidelines on referencing style to use

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Article critiques require a lot of methods and techniques. This paper serves not only to express the opinions you have on the writings of the author but also evaluate and analyze the main ideas. The critique reports the content of the article combined with your opinion about each part of it.

In order to submit a good article critique, you are requested to read the text, analyze and interpret. Unlike what most students believe when they hear the word ‘critique’, this paper does not require bad reactions to what is written in the article. Your reaction and opinion about the article can be either good or bad.

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What is an Article Critique?

As we said, many students do not really understand the task of writing an article critique. Even though the title includes the word ‘critique’, the primary focus of this paper is to summarize and evaluate a point.

We write all kinds of article critiques, including those that analyze:

  • Research in the form of theories, monographs, systematic reviews, and journal articles
  • Creative works such as novels, films, images, exhibits, and poetry
  • Media in the form of feature articles and news reports

Our approach towards article critique writing is similar to that of an essay. Same as essays, critiques require formal and highly academic writing style. They have a clear structure that is common for almost every paper: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The difference in our approach is that, when it comes to critiques, we summarize the work and provide a detailed evaluation of the body of the paper. The purpose of such evaluation is to criticize or praise the impact of a certain work or happening described in the original article.

The Purpose of an Article Critique

An article critique is nothing like the assignments you usually get, so you are probably wondering why your professors assigned it. Writing a critique is very important for the development of your skills and knowledge. Generally speaking, students are required to write critiques for the following reasons:

  • Understand and learn more about the subject area of the article
  • Understand the purpose, argument, intended audience, and style of the writer of the article
  • Recognize the weaknesses and strengths in a written piece

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