Tips for Structuring Your Dissertation

Dissertations are lengthy and complex papers. Failing to create a good structure in a dissertation can ruin the entire piece of content, mislead or confuse the reader, and cost you your grade.

We cannot possibly emphasize how important it is to structure a dissertation in an organized way. When you are done with your planning and research, your next task is to prepare the structure of the dissertation. This structure will not only help you in the writing process but will also keep the flow of the dissertation intact.

Here is the basic outline you should follow to create a good dissertation structure:

  • Introduction – Introduce the background of the idea or problem, a thesis statement, clarify the purpose of the dissertation and introduce the research questions. Expose the expectations you have of the final results of the paper.
  • Literature review – Review the research you performed and present the key acknowledgments you narrowed down.
  • Methodology – Present the methods and resources used to find the answers to the questions, or solution to the problems. Expose the setting, hypotheses, instrumentation, participants, research questions, data collection and data analysis process.
  • Findings – Showcase the findings from your research and discuss the results. Explain how these results answer the research questions
  • Conclusion – Summarize the dissertation and report the findings once again. Explain how these findings affect the academic community, and propose some methods for implementing them in practice. Propose future research if you believe it is necessary.
  • Bibliography – Use the guidelines to detect the citation style, and include all sources.

No one can tell you that writing a dissertation is easy because it is not. It is a lengthy, time-consuming, and demanding piece of content that should demonstrate how well you fit in the academic community. This is the last piece you will have to write to get your degree, so it must be as great as you have become during your studies.

When you ask students which is the most difficult writing task in education, most of them will say a dissertation. Dissertations are assigned rarely but are the most challenging writing tasks a student is asked to write in their academic career. The amount of work and effort necessary to successfully complete a dissertation task is often overwhelming. Overall, dissertation writing takes months.

The Dissertation Writing Process

Writing a dissertation is not at all easy, and it requires various actions on your behalf. Firstly, you need to collect and process the data you will use in the dissertation, study the body of research, and select only authoritative and reliable sources to use. Only then you can start with the writing process, which is long on its own because of the size of a dissertation.

At its core, a dissertation is a research paper, but a rather lengthy one. You have to write not one, but many chapters, and ensure that this huge chunk of text is connected and relevant. Here’s how our writers do it:

Write a Proposal (where requested)

If you ask us to assist you from start to finish, we will start with the dissertation proposal. This proposal is your way to get the committee members to approve your dissertation idea.

Do not let the size of this task mislead you. Even though the proposal is shorter than the dissertation, it is equally important and tricky to write.

When writing the proposal, we are going to create a paper that introduces the problem you are going to tackle in the paper, the reasons why this is a problem in the first place, the importance of finding a solution, and the methods used to get to that solution.

As soon as the committee approves your dissertation, we can move on to the research part.

Conduct a Research

We have the widest database of reliable sources here at Assiewritings, allowing us to conduct a highly effective research even when your deadline is short. We will detect the right places to look for reliable sources, get rid of all sites and sources that are not up-to-date or relevant, and organize our findings in an outline.

Write an Excellent Dissertation

This is not our last task, but it is definitely the most important one. The writing part combines the actual composing of the structure, and the resources we have at our disposal at this point.

Edit and Proofread before Delivery

We assign writers to your orders, based on the specifications and the deadline. But, our process does not end when the writer crafts a dissertation. After this is done, the writer will send the dissertation to the quality control team at, who will check for errors, mistakes, and plagiarism.

Deliver the Paper

We will get rid of all flaws in the dissertation, and only then we will deliver it to you. This helps us guarantee quality and originality, as well as conformance to all your requirements.

Do not worry that we will miss your deadline – we have a flawless reputation of on-time delivery, and the best customer support team always at your disposal.

What to Do

Tasks do not stop coming when you have a dissertation to write, and you probably have to juggle everything within a very short timeframe. Seeing that for most tasks the deadlines are fast-approaching, it is only natural to focus on the urgent tasks first. However, this is the biggest reason for procrastination among students. Finally, you end up having to write a dissertation within a timeframe you cannot possibly handle.

Fortunately, there is a way out. Hiring one of our dissertation writing experts to do the research, planning and writing process for you is the best decision you can make when you are tortured by the academic burden. We have employed some of the most experienced, Ph.D. writing experts who have the will, knowledge and time to write the dissertation for you.

When you place your order for a dissertation or dissertation chapter with our company, we will make sure to get you a project that fits the design you have in mind. We will select your personal writing helper, help you choose a topic, decide on the appropriate format, organize the quotations, and write the paper just in time.

Get Affordable Dissertations Just in Time

Many students procrastinate this task due to a busy schedule, lack of skills, or simply fear that they won’t do it right. However tight your deadline has become, we will help you write your dissertation and meet the deadline set by the committee and your academic institution.

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