Proofreading Tips You Can Apply to Every Paper

Proofreading is an essential step to take if you want to leave a good impression with your professor. But, the process is not as easy as everyone believes and requires plenty of actions to ensure paper quality.

Most students get tired from the research, planning, and writing of their paper, that they decide to skip proofreading. Some use a proofreading tool believing that this one will make all errors go away.

Both ideas are bad and you should never do this with your papers. Even if you spent hours working on the paper and used the best sources there are, simple mistakes can completely ruin the impression you will leave with your professor.

Here are some general proofreading tips that will help you with any paper you are writing:

  • Read your paper out loud
  • Read your paper slowly, then rapidly
  • Print the paper out and read it again
  • Use spell and grammar checkers, but do not be too dependent on them
  • Check the spelling by reading the content backward
  • Check the typology by reading the paper upside down
  • Ask others to read your paper and give you their opinion
  • Proofread for one type of mistake at a time (first for spelling, then for spaces, then for consistency of words, etc.)
  • Start with the body of the text first
  • Proofread the headings after proofreading the body
  • Double check the fonts you used
  • Write down your most common mistakes and focus on them when proofreading your papers
  • Double check names and dates
  • Double check the small words such as ‘or’, ‘for’, ‘of’, ‘it’ and ‘is’
  • Check the page number and the footer and header

Use these tricks to proofread your paper, but remember – you can always miss obvious errors when it comes to your own writing. The rule of thumb with content is – always ask someone to read it after you write it.

Have you spent a sleepless night at your computer, writing and researching for that very important paper? Many students put a lot of effort and time into a paper, but the struggles with sentence structure and grammar never seem to end. Proofreading is a skill you have to learn but unfortunately, even if you do learn it, proofreading your own piece of writing will never be simple.

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Proofreading is the Key to a Good Paper

You can be the best writer in the class and still, get a lower grade than expected if you skip this part. Even if you do not, the person who has created the text knows the exact ideas it encompasses, and can hardly notice even the simplest mistakes within.

This is why everyone needs a second pair of eyes to look at their writing. The best writers out there require the help of a proofreader. And while friends and family can land you a help and check your paper, they won’t always be available or qualified to do this right.

Don’t let your efforts be for nothing. If you spent hours researching and planning a paper, writing it before the deadline, you shouldn’t let a mistake like failed proofreading to cost you a grade or two. In the eyes of the reader, simple mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation are a sign of careless student that lacks the skills to write an academic paper.

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How We Do Proofreading

As always, the editing part comes first. If you believe your paper needs some changes in flow and organization, you can request our editing services, too. But, if you think your paper only needs some final check for flawless content, proofreading is the way to go.

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