Structuring a Movie Review: A Short Guide

Movie reviews share the same structure, even if the genre is different. Of course, the details may vary based on the specific requirements of your assignment, but each genre has common elements you must include in the review.

Reviewing a movie can be very tough on a student, especially if it is a movie they are not interested in. Imagine sitting in front of the TV for hours, watching and re-watching scenes from a movie you find completely uninteresting.

Sounds like a torture, right? Even so, it is an assignment you will get at some point or another, and failing to write it can cost you your grade.

If you want a high grade, you need to have your papers done in time. Here is a guide on how to structure your movie review:

  • Introduction – Provide basic information such as name, director, year, screenwriter, actors, and other important contributors to the movie. A thesis statement is not required in movie reviews, but present some central assessment of your own from the beginning.
  • Plot summary – Keep the summary brief and take into consideration that the readers may not have seen the film before.
  • Description – Include a detailed description not about the movie details, but your cinematic experience. Talk about your impressions and feels about the movie. Discuss the techniques and the thematic content.
  • Conclusion – Remind the readers of your impressions and share whether you liked the movie or not. Provide an explanation.

In general, movie reviews are rather short, so you don’t have a lot of space to discuss your impressions. This is why the preparation part is very important – you need to take specific notes and organize them before you start with the writing part.

Everyone loves movies, especially students. But, whether you enjoy comedies, horror movies, crime movies or thrillers, professors do not really take your preferences into consideration when they assign a movie review. So, what initially sounded like the greatest task of them all, rapidly turns into a torture and a paper you have no time to finish.

This is not strange. Movie review writing is not hard on its own, but the process of getting prepared to review the movie demands more time than many can afford to spend. In order to write a movie review, you need to watch the movie, often several times. Even if it is a movie you would like, you certainly would not enjoy it if you have to focus on every detail, write down the most important things, and go back to the parts that best describe your idea or opinion.

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