How to Write a Good Book Review

Book reviews demand your opinion, but as long as you are fair.

You can use witty language and choose to complement or judge a book, but never use nasty language to do so.

Ranting will only make you look bad in front of the reader.

Such tips can make the book review writing much easier than you anticipated. Here are some ideas that can help you write your review:

  • Choose a genre you like (if the book is not already a given).
  • Always mention the genre.
  • Mention the author, and provide some information about him/ her. Compare this book to other books you have read by the same writer.
  • Write in present tense when speaking of the plot of the book.
  • Present your opinions in first person instead of third.
  • Write in clear language, not literary style.
  • If a word count is not provided in the instructions, limit your review to 500 words.
  • Never include the ending or tell things that ruin the story for those who haven’t read it yet.
  • Clearly explain who the antagonist and protagonist is. Discuss their behavior and actions.
  • State if you believe that the book is well written or badly written. Describe your choice.

Finally, there are two questions you have to ask yourself before ending the book review. The answers to these questions will come at the very end, and finish your book review the way it is supposed to be. Here are the questions:

  • Did the book meet your expectations or were you disappointed?
  • Do you recommend the book for reading? Provide an explanation for your ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

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Struggles Students Face with Book Review Assignments

Even if your biggest hobby is book reading, professors can often assign a book you have no interest in reading. And not only that. Sometimes the book can be very interesting to read, but other assignments don’t give you enough time to go through this process within the assigned deadline.

We all know how tough the research for a book review can be. Instead of just enjoying the reading, you need to focus on the details, write down notes, and go back to the parts that are the key to proving your theory and ideas about the book.

What you initially believed would be a short task later turns into an assignment you have to spend an entire day or two working on. Even though the word count of a book review is usually short, the preparation is lengthier than any of us could anticipate.

It doesn’t always depend on the size of the book. When you are reading a book you need to review, you must understand it fully and focus on the details. Some books are small but filled with such tricky details, others are lengthy and complex to read, and there are those who can hardly be understood the first time.

To be able to read a book and enjoy it, you need to read through it without stopping to take a note or get back to the previous page to research the connection. You need to enjoy the word flow without that annoying focus on details necessary for the research.

So, whichever the case, you are doomed. You will have to spend hours and days reading and re-reading the same chapters, over and over again. You won’t be able to enjoy the book unless you read it fully and without stopping the first time, and we all know how much this can take your time.

When the writing part comes, it can even get trickier. Something may be missing in your notes, and you’d have to go back to the reading part again.

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